The Legend

Long ago there lived a Native American girl known as Blue Flower. She lived happily in a quiet village beside a beautiful lake. Good Heart also lived in this village, and he was Blue Flower's, true love. 

Since childhood the two were inseparable, and as time passed, their love for each other only strengthened. They longed for the day they could marry and begin a family. However, one dark night, fate stepped in. Good Heart, along with other men in their village, was called to war. Chaos erupted and Good Heart was not able to find Blue Flower before he departed. 

While in battle, Good Heart came upon an elder, who was wounded and weak. The man would surely perish without help. Good Heart pulled him to a sheltered area and offered him fresh water from his canteen. At that moment, fate stepped in again. Good Heartfelt a sharp burn in his chest- an arrow had pierced through his heart. He fell beside the old man, as the spirits of the afterlife descended upon him. He pleaded with them to not take him, but not even the spirits could turn back death. They did, however, witness the kindness he had shown the old man, and granted him one dying wish. Life was quickly leaving his body, and all he could think of was Blue Flower. 

​Blue Flower was overcome with grief when Good Heart did not return with the others. Still, each night, she canoed through the waters searching for her true love. Many nights passed, then one night on a blue moon, fate was to enter their lives again. Blue Flower drifted through the dark water of the lake, just as she had so many times before. Strangely, tonight was different for her. The powerful flow from the moon cast a blue blanket of color on everything, even her canoe. It was then that she saw a silhouette of a man canoeing toward her. Instead of fear, she felt something different- hope. There was something familiar about this man to her, for it was Good Heart.

The two true loves were united and remained entwined together all night beneath the Blue Moon. As daylight approached, Good Heart began fading away from her. With great sorrow, she pleaded him not to go. "I must" he replied, "but I will not leave you forever. I will return to you here each night of the Blue Moon. The spirits at my death awarded me this one wish."

When the moon transforms the canoe to blue you shall be with your love so true. It has been said that even now, on nights of the Blue Moon, looking carefully, you can see the outline of their blue canoe serenely resting in the middle of the lake